GEMS World Academy - Abu Dhabi

GEMS World Academy-Abu Dhabi, located in the downtown area on Najda Street (6) on Abu Dhabi Island, is a GEMS School, a global multi-faceted education company which owns, operates, and provides education support services to both the public and private sectors. Our mission at GEMS World Academy-Abu Dhabi is to provide every child with a school experience that is joyous and meaningful. Our program of inquiry feeds each child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn so that children develop deep understandings, skills and dispositions necessary for accepting diversity and embracing change. We educate every child to take a positive world view and accept the responsibilities of citizenship and environmental stewardship. As Founding Principal/CEO of GEMS World Academy-Abu Dhabi, I bring eighteen years of experience as a Principal from a small elementary school in New Hampshire (USA) coupled with three years of recent international experience as Elementary Principal at Dubai American Academy (a school of 1250 plus students).

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