Welcome to Bright Bus Transport

About Us
Bright Bus Transport (BBT) commenced its operations as a Bus and Car Rental Company on the 15th of June, 2008. Supported by highly trained and dedicated staff, BBT aims at being specialized transport providers. The BBT is strongly committed towards providing quality transportation by maintaining the highest level of safety, outstanding customer service and positive employee relations. The team comprises of experts in the areas of safety, training and development, vehicle maintenance, routing and public relations. This makes us confident of providing exceptional services to schools. Training and development is our core strength and helps deliver the highest quality of services that BBT offers. A comprehensive vehicle management system is in place supported by regular training programs for our drivers and attendants.

Our Mission
Our mission is to meet the demand for efficient transportation of school students in the U.A.E through the purchase of necessary assets and through the contract with high quality transport service and to provide safe and efficient transport services to students in the U.A.E, initially, and later outside the U.A.E, too.

We at BBT invite you to share the journey to a bright future.

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